Imagine one solution that brings color measurement all together. One networked platform capable of measuring any print process and providing a simple, easy to use interface that anyone can quickly understand. A modular, app-based environment where each segment of the print process can be monitored and controlled. A product that allows your choice of measurement instrument from a number of industry leading manufacturers. Measure everything from spots, quality control strips, to full width colorbars, the choice is yours when you MeasureColor. 

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1 Listen to our Customers: You asked, we programmed. MeasureColor was built on real customer feedback and continuously evolves to better meet your needs and wishes.   6 Own your Data: We believe your data is your property. That's why it's stored on your own server and under your direct control. Place it inside or outside your private network, it's up to you.
Use any Instrument: Take your pick from a number of leading instruments from your choice of manufacturers. If it sends spectral data, odds are MeasureColor can use it.   7 Share your Data: Rather than confine your data to our system, we encourage you to export it in a variety of included formats for use in other external applications and systems.
3 Use any Control Strip: If your instrument can read it, our software can analyze it. Make your own or choose from many existing control strips to facilitate your measurements.   8 Use Existing Data: Have data already? Bring it with you by importing color standards in CXF or MIF format, as well as measurements from compatible external systems and devices.
4 Measure Colorbars, QC Strips, or Spots: Whether you are measuring full-width colorbars, multi-tier qc strips, or individual spots, data is displayed in an easy to read way, helping you to complete your job on-time and on-color.   9 Analyze your Data: Every measurement made is automatically stored for your analysis. Look at a single job or the overall performance of a press, crew, or time frame. Hundreds of combinations are available for every variable. 
Know your Score: Immediately understand the total job quality with our integrated scoring system. You can even set which attributes are scored & the weighting applied to each.   10  Access your Data: Wish to dive into the data yourself? Everything is stored in an open source SQL database, open to your external queries and extraction for outside use. 



  • The more you buy, the less you pay - Quantity discounts start as low as 5 seats.
  • No recurring maintenance fees - We wont nickle and dime you for annual service contracts.
  • Help is there when you need it - If you are using our product and need help, we are there anytime.

We have been in the Graphic Arts Business since 1991. That's over 20 years in the industry. We understand the pressures and expectations to get the job done fast for as little cost as possible. So we designed the software application you asked us for; easy to use with complete flexibility for all your measurement needs. But we are more than just software developers, we are people just like you who have expectations of how we like to be treated. Thats why we offer quantity discounts starting at just 5 seats. An no recurring maintenance fees to worry about each year. And perhaps the most important, if you are using our product and having a problem, day or night, you can call on us for help. Its what we would want, wouldn't you?  



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