MeasureColor Software Testimonials:

“This solution brings together in one product the capabilities to control our proofing systems, digital presses, and offset presses to ensure they are all providing the customer’s targeted color match. This platform will also eliminate our need to train on different products for each production method while additionally using the measurement instrumentation of our choice from multiple manufacturers. One of the problems today is the complexity and difficulty in using the current software products available to pre-press and pressroom personnel. It is clear that MeasureColor products were designed with the intent that they be easy to use and intuitive in their operation. We expect to quickly see a large increase in pressroom efficiency and quality of our printed material based upon the ease of understanding the MeasureColor recommended color adjustments.” - Bryan Swift, President of Swift Print Communications

"The MeasureColor software and new Image Measuring device were the most amazing products I saw at Print 09" - Son Do, Rods and Cones

"MeasureColor is the neatest process control solution I saw at Print09 and I looked at all of them. The user interface is arguably the nicest user interface of any graphics software program, either Mac or PC, that I have ever seen." - Dan Gillespie, Color Geek

TRICOR NCIS 600 Testimonials:

“For the first time, printers will now be able to measure the exact image they are supplying, rather than just measure color bars to check reproduction accuracy!”- Robert Martin, Resource III Color Control Systems.

MeasureColor Training Services Testimonials:

"It was great working with you and attending your training classes. I was very impressed how you turned disbelievers into believers with your training class on color, spectrophotometers and densitometers.

It is always difficult for a printing press operator who has been eyeing color for years to accept using a spectrophotometer and densitometer. But you did it! Of the 175 people that went through your program they now understand how to view color and how to use a spectrophotometer and densitometer as an important tool when they print color. Great job! - Ken Matyska, INX Intl. Ink Co.