On-Site Practical Color Training


Ask your printers the following four very important questions:

  1. What status is your densitometer set to?
  2. What color difference equation is your spectrophotometer set to?
  3. How often should your color measurement device be calibrated?
  4. Why does it matter, a lot, what you are wearing when judging color?

You have spent thousands of dollars to purchase your color measurement tools, and if the above cannot be answered properly, you are not getting the value you have paid for! We can help.

For the past twenty years, Advanced Color Technologies has conducted on-site color measurement training classes for dozens of companies. Our staff is accomplished trainers and educators. Our key competencies include an engaging and enthusiastic training style, excellent interaction, and interpersonal skills. We have developed the ability to strike rapport with anyone we make contact with quickly. 

Our all day class includes training in the follow areas:

  • Visual Color Assessment
  • How do we as humans view and judge color
  • Problems with the eye and conditions that influence how we see color.
  • Different light sources and their effect on visual color assessment.
  • Proper usage and calibration of all models of densitometers and spectrophotometers.
  • Understanding of all the features of a densitometer including density, dot gain, trap, print contrast, hue error and grayness.
  • What type of materials you can and cannot measure with a densitometer and where these materials should be measured.
  • Understanding all the features and functions of a spectrophotometer including proper calibration, Lab and Lch similarities and differences, Delta E calculations, all common color difference formulas and their relationship to visual analysis, and color tolerancing. Also included is proper procedure for measuring your materials to insure accurate, repeatable values.
  • Color software training.
  • Effective color communications.

We use a 160-slide PowerPoint presentation that is left behind to use as our customers wish. None of the information is copyrighted or protected and we encourage our clients to use the presentation as a recurring refresher class.

Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to discuss how we can make sure your employees are getting the most out of your equipment investment.