About MeasureColor, Inc.

MeasureColor is a recognized leader in the measurement and evaluation of all types of materials needing accurate color control. Our company includes experts in color measurement, including quality control and color formulation, starting with conception thru final customer acceptance. We also specialize in the IT of color communications, helping multi-national corporations to design and implement hardware and software solutions to meet their needs.

In early 2009, MeasureColor realized that there was a tremendous need for a dedicated software solution to the age-old problem of color control. While there were many packages that had pieces of the solution, none of them offered solutions to all the industry’s demands. Working with some of the smartest color minds in the world, we have developed the MeasureColor Suite of programs. From concept, to proof, to production, to happy consumers, MeasureColor will help you meet and exceed your customer’s requirements.

Clients worldwide call upon our knowledge to train and support their employees in the proper use of equipment and techniques, thus insuring the fastest possible financial return.

Our History

Beginning operations in 1990 as Advanced Color Technologies, our company is founded on a simple philosophy that guides our every business decision:

“Just do what is right for the customer!”

Nothing fancy, but we recognize we would not exist without the confidence our customers place in us. In the twenty years we have been in business, we have grown to one of the largest independent manufacturers reps groups in the country with multiple offices and millions in annual sales. We have now taken the hardware we represent and coupled it with our new, industry-leading software to give you the ultimate color quality control software.

In addition to the products we sell, our team conducts training classes around the country for both small and multi-national companies. We have had training manuals published and complimented by DVD based instruction. Students can also be tested and monitored so that the company is sure that the employees are learning the concepts we are presenting.