About our Founders:

Norm Uress

Graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now known as Philadelphia University) in 1971 with a degree in Textile Chemistry and a minor in Color Science.

Norm incorporated Advanced Color Technologies in 1990 with X-Rite as its first principal. During his representation, he has been honored with X-Rite’s highest commendation, the President’s Award. This is given not just for meeting certain sales goals but also for exemplary customer service. Only eight of these awards have ever been given.

In addition to this award, he was recognized with multiple Salesman of the Year awards and a Major Account Award for securing more than $25,000,000 in Wal-Mart business.

Prior to starting his agency, he worked for Applied Color Systems (now DataColor International). While at ACS, he was Director for new Business Development and one of his most unique titles was “Ultimate Referee” for new software and hardware products. Between ACS and the startup of his agency, he worked for seven years at Eastern Scientific as a Vice President with territorial sales responsibilities.

Other companies and positions held include: Stauffer Chemical Co, where he was Product Engineering Manager for calendared and printed vinyl products; Thiokol Fibers as Quality Control Manager for 108 plastic extrusion lines; Beaunit Textiles as a Colorist developing new color trends for the textile and apparel industries; Ciba-Geigy Corporation as a dye and pigment standardization chemist.

He has served on the Society of Plastic Engineers Board of Directors for the Color and Appearance Division, was a voting member of RA36, “Development of Test Methods related to Color Science” of the AATCC and served on the steering committee of “Color Vision and Color Assessment” AATCC Committee.

Dan Uress

Graduated from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in 2004 with degrees in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Dan began his career in the IT industry in 1996 (while in High School) with the creation of Computer Tutor Incorporated. Consulting corporate clients, services included work-station and server construction, network planning and deployment, and productivity software training. These services were complemented by remote connectivity, data recovery, and web page design. Continuing his career, Dan applied his experience consulting with the sales field by joining CDW in their Corporate Sales group serving companies with over 100 employees.

During his time at CDW, Dan was always in the top 5% of his sales team and continuously received praise from his customers for the high level of service he provided. Shortly before his departure from CDW, Dan was recognized by the Senior Vice President of Sales as being one of the highest achievers in his peer group for total sales.

Coming from the Information Technology sector, Dan brings extensive skills in the integration of the products we represent and the infrastructure found at most companies today. By leveraging new technology in conjunction with our quality assurance products, these skills allows him to speed issue resolution and increase ROI. Dan is also a nationally published photographer having received numerous awards from many organizations for his work.

Dan has been awarded the last three “Salesman of the Year Awards” presented by X-Rite. Last year he sold more equipment than any other single sales person ever in his business unit.